I promise to capture your magic

Just be yourself

Madly inlove

And we will create amazing photos together.


My name is Octavian. I was born in Alexandria, but most of my childhood I spent in the countryside, where all the things are simple, of a special beauty, where you can enjoy the nature, starting from spring, with its scents and until late autumn, with its colors which take your breath away. Even if the winter has its own  charm there in the countryside...

Besides being a photographer, I am the husband of an extraordinary wife and the father of the most loving and sincere human beings... Ana and Catalin. We spend the spare time together, outside, playing, having fun and learning beautiful things. Each of them inspires me in different and unique ways and I am so blessed and thankful. 

When it comes to photography, it’s crazy. I am challenged at every step. I like to travel, to discover places with happy people, with their amazing loving stories. I one year I take pictures to a limited number of weddings and family photo sessions, because I put my heart and soul into them. For me, that's all that matters, because I do it out of passion and for this reason I am attracted to beautiful people who are looking for something different.

I want to create something meaningful for you, surprising you just the way you are - noisy, weird, maybe sarcastic, cheerful, hysterical - laughing so hard till your stomach hurts, intimate, authentic, showing you the different love you care for each other. I love that I can capture a moment of your life and that I can keep it forever. I am a big fan of natural, sincere moments, surprising small gestures and HUGE feelings - all this, combined with your true love story, will shine in my images.

I want to meet you, to get to know you, to hear your story, so that on your wedding day you feel that you are working with a friend, you feel comfortable and you let go of your emotions.

Because I want you to be relaxed and enjoy your day, you will receive a list of tips that will help us to realize together the most beautiful photos.

I am fulfilled that I have the most beautiful profession in the world and that every summer I witness so much love, happiness, so many emotions ... it is something incredible.

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream”